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Humble Beginnings - Joseph Altamura

The second oldest of five children, Joseph spent most of his childhood in Arena, Calabria - a small rural town in Southern Italy. At the age of 16, he boarded a one way trip to America by himself. With the help of many friends he met in Stamford, he began to build a life. He paved the way for the rest of his family to join him in the US and started his business from the ground-up. In the 45 years Joseph has been in this country, he has acquired the knowledge, skill, and passion that makes his work stand out from the rest.

Ilario has only ever known one role model in his life: his father. From an early age, he aspired to work alongside Joe in the construction business. He earned a Business Management Degree, Summa Cum Laude, at Pace University and has worked in the finance industry for over a decade.  Now, with over 15 years of construction experience, Ilario continues to live out his dream. He adds a technological approach and a modern business management style to the underlying principals/morals upon which the business was founded.  Together, Ilario and Joe represent a company that combines the old time craftsmanship with the contemporary methods needed to withstand the constantly changing real estate market.

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